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  • Tamarai Fires it up

    Tamarai on FIRING IT UP in March, RASIE THE ROOF, or set the dance floor to flames you might even say,

    Today one of the owners of Tamarai has announced on The Tamarai Facebook Group the following

     Our first and most important announcement is that starting the month of March, we will bring back NOSTALGIA every Tuesday. 


    Second announcement for the month of March is that we have been planning the past few weeks a full fledged schedule for the month featuring local and international DJ’s to perform every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of the month. Each night will host a different DJ, all local and international DJ’s have been confirmed and will be announced on a week by week basis. 

    We have plans to entertain you throughout the spring season :)
    So, to kick off with the month we have the following confirmed performances:


    Thursday March 1st – DJ SCARFACE (Beirut)
    One of the few leaders and pillars of the R&B & Hip Hop music in Lebanon.
    Residency History & Clubbing experience:
    The Basement -Beirut 
    Palais – Beirut 
    Brut – Beirut 
    Metice – Beirut 
    Time Supper Club – Montreal
    Radio shows: “NRJ Mastermix” Saturday nights at 10pm 


    Friday March 2nd – DJ RALPH (Beirut)
    Current resident DJ for Flight 32 – Lebanon
    Ex Resident DJ for Sky Bar – Egypt



    Tuesday March 6th – DJ RAMY (Egypt)
    One of the most talented local DJ’s playing sexy old skool tunes.
    DJ RAMY was and still is one of the most important tools of success for the nights of Nostalgia at Tamarai. 

    With the beginning of every week on Saturday, we will announce the full week schedule ahead of time. 

    with that being announced, one should expect Tamarai a hot Tamarai in march

    insider gossip alert: rumor has it that already the spring in april they would be going to outside area and already the infamous white party among others ones are being in planned !!!