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  • Tamarai BEACH PARTY


    Save the date as April 25th Tamarai Soukhna is getting all the way from Beirut Patrick Chouchani, Also known as TRIX, now girls… patrick is not only EYE  CANDY, but he is also EAR CANDY!  Remember last time he was in Cairo, during the white party, oh he drove us CRAZY..with his hot beats!

    Now this is a BEACH party will start nice and early from 3pm – 9pm on the beach.  Expect sizzling BBQ, cocktails, sun, sangria, live singer etc.. Dress code is fresh (shorts, colourful dresses, sun glasses, sexy music)..

    This is the latest set by trix, a perfectly suited mix for the beach

    and this is a picture of TRIX when he was last in cairo during the white party!

    Picture rights CairoZoom & Tamarai