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  • Tafteesh (search) in CJC

    First off let me start with everything is fine

    So Basically what happened Tax Department of the government came to CJC in the middle of the party for like 30mins or so and interrupted to search every bottle to make sure its bought legally!!! and of course CJC being the GREAT LEGENDARY club that it is, has actually bought everything legally, so after the check thee TAX People went back to the TEA Drinking habbits !!

    So nothing really happened other than the TAX Department annoying the party goers !! They should die !!

    What is annoying can’t they do it in the morning ? Why did they have interrupt people night, and get the  music to be playing at mid level, especially when according to my SPY is really GOOD MUSIC  with lights mid turned on. Dear Government why can you wake up early !

    to be fair these government checks are a regular thing happens to all bar to ensure that all alcohol are bought off the proper channels not the black market like albert! … supprisingly a certain infamous club in Sharm got fined BIG BIG BIG TIME because they did the trick of buying of the black market