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    With me breaking the news in a previous post that Tabla will be operating in sahel in marassi.  ( read post  TABLA SAHEL GOSSIP here )  people started asking questions whether tabla will be operating in Soukhna itself, as not everyone likes going to Sahel in Eid. Well guess what people.

    Tabla will be operating on both the RED SEA and the MEDITERRANEAN SEA!

    Tabla in Sahel, will be operating till end of August. The new gossip about that, is that every day expect a different kind of entertainment.

    Tabla operation in Soukhna will be from first day of eid till the weekend.

    Check out this post that was published on the Tabla facebook page, of which i assume it was done by Wahdan, since it has that personal touch it.


    Hey Guys :) We are operating in both Sokhna and Sahel ;)
    Sokhna : from the 1st day of Eid till the weekend 
    Sahel in Marrassi: Opening in the 1st day of Eid operating till the end of August .
    Finally Tabla everywhere ;) a lot of surprises in both Sokhna & Sahel , personally i can’t wait ;) c u guys ;) ))))