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  • Tabla new years

    What is tabla doing for the new years ?
    well here i sthe first thing, the place is reserved out so dont try to get on the guest list because its been closed weeks ago with a waiting list aslan!

    so firsts thing the invites are in the shapes of 2oulas … and not only that there will be actually 2oula (pots) that you can break before entering the party … you know to keep up with the egyptian tradition of breaking the bad luck,  symbolizing breaking the bad luck of 2011

    what about entertainment you ask ! there will be the back up dancers of beyonce, the brazilian and italian ones! there will be other performers from ibiza, shows from beirut, so basically Tabla got the world to entertain you !

    there is more but i am told that i have keep hush hush on that as its a surprise for the guests coming in :)