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  • Tabla and Samba ? More Tabla News! Tabla phone number.


    It seems like daily i am spitting out Tabla News, well thats because Wahdan gives out the info not all at once, he keeps you waiting for more. Smart.

    Well as per the latest announcement in the 10 days Tabla will operate in sahel for, Expect DJ Samba in one of them, expect  the Italians, expect the Lebanese.  I assume Samba will be dropping by after eid, since  in EID electrum records will be throwing its own massive parties in Gouna’s sweet heart club 88.

    Read the last status that came from Tabla facebook, including the phone number on how to reserve


    Dear All, Here you go YESSSSS we ar opening in Sahel and the venue is MARRASI CLUB HOUSE ROOFTOP, we will open August 19th every night till August 30th, we have surprises every night from all over the world Lebanon, Italy, Brazil etc….. and the venue is stunning over looking the best spot on the North Coast, you will be surprised from the opening night till the closing night, and of course as our usual we dont announce what’s happenning you Just come and find out, forgot to tell you that Tony our resident DJ will be there and my dear friend Samba will also be playing!!!!!!!!!!! the reservation numbers will be 0122 0555550 and 0122 0666660 but the lines will be open next sunday August 12th, See you all there and we really hope that we can give you a Great ending to your summer season. IT CANT HAPPEN WITHOUT YOU