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  • Tabla & العوامة

    When it comes to Tabla its always exciting news, so i will be brief .. 


    • Tabla in zamalik will not be one venue BUT TWO !!!! ONE CLUB AND ONE BAR !!! I have been told the name of the club would be Al-3awamaa  (العوامة) . Expected opening date would be Late Q1/ Early Q2 2012
    • Tabla has announced a breif of its EID Plans, the first two days Thursday & Friday are dry nights so nothing happening there! After that expect 7 days non-stop Back2Back action in TABLA with every night a different dj and a completely different set up for the place. It would be as if you are going each day to a different venue!

     Next week I will be having a hot interview lined with Wahdan, so stay tuned !!




    Molen says:

    Nice blog, love the Malak interview :)