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  • Syren Bar: What to Expect From Cairo’s New Nightlife Spot


    Maadi isn’t exactly blessed with much of a nightlife scene, which is why when Tipsy Bar & Lounge opened earlier this year, it quickly became an hit amongst Cairo’s demanding clubbing contingent – for a while, at least.

    Only a few months after opening, Tipsy mysteriously shut down to the disappointment of no one – no, I’m just kidding it really is a shame.

    But out of the rubble of one unsuccessful venture comes another that will this time hopefully stay open long enough to see out the year.

    Opening in the same spot, Syren Bar is shaping up to be, at the very least, rather intriguing. With its grand opening set for Thursday 7th of August, the new bar has gone gung-ho with a weekly schedule of events and special offers, as well as promises of top-notch food.

    The private 'Opening Bash' will see a live music performance from someone called Alma, with hop-hop fiend DJ Mobbz also providing some durrrty, durrrty beats.

    So, if you're into Gothic mermaid hentai and would like to attend the opening, send a private message with your name and phone number on Syren's Facebook page.