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    Summersault: Event Republic Return to Sahl Hasheesh This Eid


    With Eid on the horizon, our relentlessly intrusive CG Moles went undercover in the Event Republic offices this week -  breaking several laws in the process – and ‘flipped’ out at what they found.

    The guys and gals at ER are preparing for another mammoth party at Sahl Hasheesh on Friday 1st of August.

    Details are sketchy as of now – they really keep their cards close to their chests – but further shameless, illegal intrusion has revealed that sibling duo, Gawdat, are set to take over the DJ booth at the cleverly named Summersault. Wordplay – it’s the best.

    Sahl Hasheesh has become a second home for ER, with their previous events such Boardwalk Beach Party attracting Cairo’s clubbing collective to the Red Sea destination.

    It’s been a busy month, too, with ER’s Ramadan kheima, Wahawi, proving to be a hit with Cairenes in its second year aboard Le Pacha 1901 in Zamalek. In addition, rumour has it that they’re going to be popping up in Sahel, too. You know what they say – no rest for the wicked.

    Stay tuned for more info!