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  • StudentDJ Beginning Battle Party & Predictions


    So we have been to big unveiling party of the BIG 30  Student DJs. The next step is they are going all tomorrow to a camp in Gouna with two world leading instructions

    - J-me Griffiths from the DJ Acamdemy in Wales

    - Joseph Hipkins from London School of Audio Engineering,

    These two instructors together with the student DJ judges will filter out the 30, contestants to 12.

    That will go head to head and start the first BATTLE ON MAY 10TH!  for the first battle, i hear a rumor of there will be an international act coming along to open up the battle field for the boys & girls.

    Now here is some of my predictions and people to keep an eye out for, but before we get into them,  I have to say all 30 contestants are hot, and we should keep an open mind to all thirty! i  personally cant wait to see all thirty, this piece is written based on the opinion of mine of whom i know of the thirty, the prediction can change as i hear them all.

    Saleh Amin, now I as fishie i am a very curious person, so when I see a DJ i like to sort of stalk them follow them etc, Saleh Amin i personally heard of him a while back, then started noticing him out in the parties! So around 4 month ago, i heard two of his sets, and I hosted both sets on my CG Tunes sound cloud… this one of them

    The boy has a telent for mixing, and good song selection especially for summary tunes and fresh beats, which is mush needed at the moment!

    Another person to keep your eye out for is

    Ahmed El Sebai. He already releases on every now and then a mix for Cairo Scene blog on their section called scene noise, Sebai is popular amongst the peeps, but what will make him stand out in the competition is not his popularity, as this is no popularity contest, this a  contest based on skills. Sebai has a skill of being able to hunt down hot new tunes, which he provides what is called music education, his mixing skills still need to be tweeked, but that is why everyone is going to the STUDENT DJ CAMP in gouna

    Now one thing i have to solute Electrum Records this year for, is that when they presented us the 30, they had selected a number of producers in it, people with musical background, not socialites who want to become djs. So keep an eye out for the following names!

    Karim El Zanfalli an artist, who I hear is amazing with the guitar and is the true meaning of a musician  now imagine what will happen you send a musician to dj camp, the outcome should be extremely interesting

    The next Duo to understand and keep an eye for is FULLTONE,  words will not do them justice, as words cant explain what they do, they produce their own music, they even play it live! while on the decks. Dont believe me … look at this then

    If the picture is not working for you then just listen to this tune, the vocal starts after the first minute

    another producing duo, who are young and fresh to keep any eye out for is Fahim & Aguizy!  What i like about this young duo, is because they are young, they are still full of energy, so their music is more on the energetic spectrum of the music, rather than darker side, this young duo has been rising recently a lot and from understanding Aguizy Jr. has been making music since he was 13/14 so thats like 5 years ago or so.

    Another person to keep your eye out for,  and i think its hard to miss this tall giant is energetic always smiling Youssef El Niazi, has been going with the choice of deep, i always loved his song selections, it is some what you would call the commercial of deep, if there is ever such a genre, he chooses most of the songs that we deep lovers know, so he connects with the crowd, which is something important, but every now and then when you are not paying attention he will shock you with a hot new track

    This year, electrum included in the competition two girls! Roulla Soussou & Jena Subbotova!  Well, where as I am not sure if the girls have what it takes to mix, but isnt that the whole point of the DJ CAMP, it teaches people who want to aspire djs the skills needed to move on the next level. Roulla from my understand would be trying to defy the wave of deep/tech/dark house and go with some fresh commercial nu disco tunes. Jena, I still am not fimiliar with her personally, however i am intrigued, i know she has a good taste in music, so it would be very interesting to see how the girls perform.

    Other names that i havent personally heard of, but I hear whispers that they are worth keeping your eyes on such as John Damian, what i find interesting is his remixes of popular rnb songs and his also ability to pay high octane music

    There is a lot of other contestants who might be ten ties more talented than the one i mentioned, however i personally havent heard them etc. and i hope all of them the best, and honestly I can not wiat