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    As the student DJ enter’s its second battle a lot of people are hyped up by the headlining artist coming which is “Teenage Mutants”.

    Now it is no secret that I am an older person, and It is no secret that half these international artists that comes I dont know their names, but when I research them I fall in love just like how i fell in love with Teenage Mutants.

    But that being said,  I think while having the El Mutants headline on wednesday the battle is so much more important than the headliner, why?

    Well for starts, the local DJ that would win these series of  battles is the one who يأعدلنة. I.e. stay for us forever,

    Secondly if its any indication from last year, its not always the winner that always get the spotlight, i.e. last year you had Baher the winner, he had the spotlight, but he is the not the only who basked under it. No. There was Aroussi, Moniem, Shady Noor, Batawi, Hassan Abou Allam, all of these names are from last year battle and we see them regularly on the party scene now party. They are now our sound. The point is I am trying to make, it is that within all these series of battle it is important to see all DJs as at the end of the day these ar the DJs that will be with us, these are the DJ that will change the scene, hell maybe these would be the DJs that would lead the scene into something new.

    Specially now as the seasons are changing quiet literally, winter, changed into spring and spring became summer in under 30 days so is the music across us is being changed from DEEP to some more fresher tunes. So it will be interesting to see what these new talents have to play for us.

    Ok enough me ranting on and on  about new changes. But i am stress the importance of seeing the Karim Diwan & Saleh Amin.

    The battle starts at midnight sharp.  So be there before midnight, so you can catch shaggy on the stage, but more importantly so you can WATCH THESE TWO NEW STARS shine.

    P.S. for me personally important battle as I have high hopes for both of these contestants!