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    This is by far one of the most anticipated rounds of the competition, not because the international headlines is Jody Wisternoff,  but because it would include two DUOs that have been making major headlines even before the student DJ! I am talking over course about the FULLTONE & THE GAWDAT BROTHERS

    The much hyped about Fulltone, who have the talent of producing their own stuff and playing live equipment while  mixing!

    Well i for one love this original production done by them

    And Gawdat brothers, I have not heard them or seen them personally yet… but their reputation supersedes them, I hear we are in for a treat.

    Honestly in my personal opinion i would love to hear each of them play for more than just half an hour, that is how excited i am about them, but the rules are rules.

    Now headlining this round is Jody Wisterrnoff

    who i have been researching his soundcloud and I must say i like what i am hearing, I like it so much that I clicked the download button and now these two sets have been added to my iPhone.