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    Boys & Girls,

    The first round is over of the Student DJ contest! and well guess what we are now entering the semi final round,

    which will be consisting of two rounds of which the top 4 will battle it out before the finale which will take place after ramadan in the north coast!

    (First round of the Semis on  Wednesday the 19th and Second round of the semis on 26th of June )

    Who are in the semi finals? well Tuesday will be a big annoucment, but my guess are the following four

    - Fulltone

    - Gawdat Brothers

    - Aguiz & Fahim

    - Artificial Animals

    but also i believe Yousef Niazi  & Saleh Amin have a big chance to making it to the second round, but as i said these are just predictions i could be wrong, we have to wait till tuesday to find out.

    But what we know the Semi finals is taking place this WEDNESDAY!  With warming up Hisham Zahran and Headline is BLOND:ISH

    yes I said Hisham Zahran & Blond:ish ! two super heros of music!