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  • Student DJ Round #4

    Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 12.31.36 PM

    Are you ready for Battle #4 of the Student dj! this time its the much awaited Aguizy and Fahim vs Karim Moursi! is taking place this THURSDAY 30/05/2013

    Now i have heard a lot of Fahim & Aguizy duo, especially that i am closed with the Aguizy’s older siblng, so i keep hearing insider juice one what he might be playing so this sounds exciting.

    What  I liked in Battle 3# I think a lot would agree that Artifical Animals has threw a great gig and really did good work when they introduced us to their own genre of music and challenged the main-stream deep now,

    So to the contestants this week, fishie’s message is try challenge the main-stream genre, maybe even drop a few RnB vocals in their, like when you hear this song by Robosonic who are going to headline this thursday, you know that this beat is sounds  very familiar RnB song, who remembers Dr.Dre, the next episode? doesnt this sound so familiar

    So oh yes. ROBOSONIC is headlining this Thursday! and they are hot… I actually love their music!  Who remembers this track!

    Also electrum DJ just released a teaser on who is headlining for the next battles… After the june 12th battles will start the SEMI FINALs & Finals