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  • Stuck in the City: The Best of Cairo’s Eid Parties


    Although it seems like most of Cairo is making its way to Sahel, Gouna, Sharm and other beach-side locations in Egypt for the long Eid weekend, there are some that will be left behind. But don’t you worry, because Cairo is bringing out the big guns this Eid.

    First off, Cairo’s beloved nightspot, Tamarai, is bringing in their resident DJ, Lyon Avakian, to ensure a full night of insane debauchery on Friday 9th.

    Cairo Jazz Club is getting rowdy, too, with a three day fiesta. DJ Hussein Fahmy and DJ Fabric are dropping the beats on Thursday 8th, before DJ Mars and DJ KZ stir up a storm on Friday 9th. CJC then ends the weekend on a mellow note, with Ashara Gharby on Saturday 10th.

    In addition to these fine evenings, we also have Cavallini’s jumping into the mix with DJ Mash coming out to play on Thursday 8th and Bosy coming out to play even harder on Friday 9th – a night that will also see O Bar celebrate Eid with DJ Feedo.

    And if you want to attend something that’s wholly inappropriate and bizzare, look no further than tonight’s Wa2fay Party at Y Lounge featuring some of the biggest DJs you’ve never heard of.

    Find more of Cairo’s Eid parties on the CG calendar. Happy Eid!