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  • Stop What You’re Doing – Cairo Jazz Club is Now on SoundCloud with Live Recorded Sets

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    The thud of the bass, the loud chatter of the crowd, the shriek of your friend’s shrill voice as she leans in and asks for a lighter a little more loudly than she needed to; there’s nothing quite like that very particular type of thrill that only listening to loud music with 300 or so people can give you.

    Now, while a weekly dose of Cairo Jazz Club is recommended for the sake of sanity and self-preservation, unfortunately, life just gets in the way sometimes. But now, CJC regulars don’t have to miss a single beat or note with the launch of the official Cairo Jazz Club SoundCloud page, which will feature recorded sets from the Rolodex of acts that the bar welcomes every month – and, quite honestly, it’s about darn time Egypt’s most prolific live music venue had a presence on the site.

    cairo jazz club wide

    Neatly divided into CJC’s musically themed nights – Alt Tuesday, Thursday Night Live, Friday Fever, et al – the page has launched with sets from performances by everyone from The Meteors Project and Machine Eat Man, to Ramy DJunkie and Mohasseb, alongside sets from international acts like Mydy Rabycad and Hend El Rawy, both of whom performed earlier this year at CJC.

    More than just setting up what’s looks to be a musical library of epic proportions for fans, the page has also been met with enthusiasm by bands and DJs who see it as another way to raise their profiles and potentially reach new fans.

    Check it out for yourself here. Enjoy.

    By Kalam El Qahaira