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  • St. Patrick’s Day with Jameson: From 18th Century New York, to 21st Century Cairo


    We’re about 4,300 km away from Ireland. Fact. But the Irish spirit isn’t too far from Cairo, thanks to Jameson Irish Whiskey, which is set to take over some of the city’s coolest bars in the run up to this year’s St. Patrick’s Day.

    But it’s been a long road from 18th century America  to 2017 Egypt for what we now celebrate as St. Patrick’s’ Day. You see, the day was historically reserved for family time – it was a far cry from what it is today. But boo to that, said the Irish – that’s what Christmas is for.

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    In the mid-1700s, in a quickly evolving America that brought travelers from all across the world together, Irish settlers were keen to puff out their chests, wear the colours proudly and celebrate Mother Ireland. This is when St. Patrick’s Day broke out of the living room and washed over the streets and bars of what was once called New Amsterdam (now New York).

    Back in Ireland at around the same time, meanwhile, the Bow Street Distillery in Dublin was beginning to find its feet and it’s from there that Jameson Irish Whiskey came to be. It’s an almost poetic tale – St. Patrick’s Day has become synonymous with Jameson, and both have come to be a global phenomenon. The two are staples of Irish drinking culture, but, over the years, St. Patrick’s Day has come to be celebrated across the globe and Jameson has become the true whiskey connoisseur’s favourite tipple worldwide.

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    The Jameson family motto is Sine Metu – live without fear. It’s a sentiment that has lived long with the brand and one that touches on one of the Irish’s most admirable qualities – but it’s one that also captures the essence of St. Patrick’s Day, if ever there was a thing. It’s letting your hair down, it’s celebrating unreservedly with friends and it’s painting the town red – well, green in this case.


    As one of the most popular spirits in Egypt, Jameson is kicking off St. Paddy’s Day celebrations early, with a string of special events at Maadi bar, Cheers, and L’Aubergine in Zamalek.


    The first took place on Wednesday 15th February at Cheers, with the second moving the festivities over to L’Aubergine in Zamalek on Tuesday 28th February, where Jameson fans were treated to plenty of their favourite tipple, as well as plenty of bar games that were a hit with all attendees.


    This is just the beginning, though, and there will be several more all the way to the summer – so keep your antennae out.

    If previous Jameson events are anything to go by, whiskey fans are in for a treat, with a special Jameson cocktail menu ready and waiting, as well as plenty of other surprises.

    Stay tuned for more information…

    By Kalam El Qahaira