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  • Ssshhhh: Second Inner Circle Party to Take Place Somewhere in Zamalek


    With the ever-popular Back 2 Basics series and Korba bar, the Garden, on his CV, Ismail Kassem knows a few things about throwing a party. He also knows how to tease and torment his followers – as is the case with the second edition of self-proclaimed exclusive party, the Inner Circle, which is set to take place at a yet-to-be-named location in Zamalek on Thursday 5th of February.

    As with the first Inner Circle at the back end of 2014, there are plenty of questions: where exactly is it going to be? How do I get in? How does Ismail maintain such a silky caramel tan all year round?

    Look at that fucking tan! #NoFilter

    All that I can say right now is that DJ Samba and Macedonia's DJ Nita are providing the music, because I don't want to lose my favourite table at the Garden - which I'm not ashamed to say is more important to me than giving this article any tangible worth.

    You''ll have to wait till 6PM on Feb 5th. Sorry (not sorry).