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  • Soopar Lox 1 year birthday

    soooopppaar looxxxx

    soooopppaar looxxxx

    Today is the one year anniversary of Soopar lox, and its a monday, so where do you expect the celebration to be !

    did you know that sooparlox has a website !!! http://www.sooparlox.com/  that has some of their music on it ! yes i stumbled upon it just now !  and did you know they have a youtube video !!

    well in none other than CAIRO JAZZ CLUB !

    event discription below, and of course you can reserve now from your mobile using the tazkarty new mobile app

    Join Soopar Lox in celebration of their first year anniversary of original live percussive house compositions. With this great occasion and energetic stage presence, expect a lively euphoric performance. following is DJ Nouman bringing you a perfect combination of Nu-disco grooves and great melodies with a steady pulse for a proper work out on the dance floor.