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  • So here is what you missed on CAIRO!


    You know when you watch a T.V. Series and then in the intro … they say… here is what you missed on (name of the show)

    I am calling the egyptian political scene a T.V. Show called Cairo.

    So what have we missed so far in thew news.

    Economy, dollar is now 6.94, almost touching the 4. Our president is travelling around the world begging for money, Qatar promised more money obviously a while back, libya even promised money. But Iraq said no, its too risky. When the President went to Russia to ask for money, Russia, treated us like its wife saying the infamous husband to wife saying…”we will talk later on it”\

    Oh and apparently, i never knew this, with western union, you can not send money outside of Egypt, you can only receive! I found this out as I was trying to send money to a friend of mine abroad, and western union informed me that the ability to send money outside of Egypt has been blocked!

    There is rumours that the IMF Loans are doing better, but again rumors! And even if we get the IMF Loan of 4.8Billion, which would be followed by a huge amount from Europe & the states, it would be only a cushion for a few months.

    Electricity wise, I am not sure if you noticed this, but at night, some street lamps get shut out. Not only on the main streets, but also within the side streets, that it becomes so dark to walk in it with out a flash light, I KID YOU NOT, i actually downloaded the flast light application to walk in certain streets. But if that is not enough, in summer time, they would be closing our airport for a few hours to save on the electrical bill. Why not, its not like as if we are having tourist flourishing .

    Oh but right now, money and light is not the main fight on the street, people became accustomed to our failing economy and lack of electricity. The fight is NEW GOVERNMENT. which apparently is being reshuffled to include all IKHWAN.. Muslim brotherhood people! so yeay us… people expect massive protests soon. But the government isnt the only thing the ikhwan are targeting, they are also fighting on bringing down the judges. The opposition are already planning a massive protest on monday to be one with the judges.

    This is just a summary of what you missed in cairo.