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  • Sing like a rockstar – live karaoke


    So as i get to travel, and get to experience new things and stuff i came across this very very very interesting twist on karaoke. Instand of having a Karaoke machine with tired songs, you get to have a whole LIVE BAND behind you, so when you get up and sing, you are singing quiet literally like a rockstar,

    I think an idea like that would work like crazy in Egypt.

    But that wasn’t it only, not only do they make you sing part of the band, you and the band would be elevated on the stage, and depending how into you get into the performance you will have a light engineer adjusting throb lights and what ever on you, so you literally feel like you are star on the stage, and well for the people that is watching and listening you get to feel like you are in a real concert.

    With that you can have different back up bands, some who are verse in rock’n'roll, or others in alternative bands or hell get some pianist.

    LIVE KARAOKE! now that would be an interesting concept to see implemented here in cairo.