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  • SHIVERs: An Ode to Vodka


    As you know every thursday, Alchemy has a night dedicated to the liquor spirits. I have attended Its Tequila dedication, and their Margarita.

    We sat in a tranquil golden rooms, with the spirit masks hung on the walls over looking our drinking habbits, ensuring that we are quiet intoxicated, if we werent the spirits would then pass out some of its potions to ensure that we are.

    Well considering the SOARING heat! that has befallen the city, Alchemy is doing a night of SHIVERs, where it would be golden room would be set to cold, and the only way to warm up your body is like what the russians do. VODKA.

    So this thursday is dedicated to the VODKA! and I cant wait to see what they have distilled for us.