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  • El Schedule of the Week

    Day,Risas/Outdoors, CJC, Tamarai, amici

    Sunday, Sports Sunday , -, – , UEFA @ Zamalek & Helio

    Monday, B SIDE ,  DJ Snatchatec, – , -

    Tuesday, happy hours 5-7pm, -,  Classico Samba & Fahmy + Amr Hosny , happy hour

    Wednesday,Ladies Night,  Misty & Hafez,  -  -

    Thursday,  - , -, Tamarai Live , -

    events not listed above:

    Audia Damiana: will be featuring Adana Twin //Baher Eid// Minus T // Swag&Tag, will be taking place in a undisclosed abandoned zamalek club … sounds hot

    events with more explanation

    Risas Sports Sunday Fts. Manchester Derby Kick off & UEFA matches below

    and finally  DJ Snatchtec, on monday will be coming from munich to play a genre of music called … SWING HOUSE ! and here is just a sample of what that music is like