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  • Say it Ain’t So: Is La Bodega Being Shut Down?


    A photo showing police with riot gear at La Bodega has been circulating the internet, with some fearing that the iconic bar might be closing down.

    One of our trusted CG Moles weaseled his way over to Zamalek, only to be told that  that La Bodega has been closed for renovations, while things at Aperitvo are running normally.

    Despite this, the worrying photo suggests that something fishy is going on. Unconfirmed rumours have suggested that a court case raised by residents of the building in which both venues are located might well have condemned La Bodega to closure – rumours that initially emerged in the second quarter of 2013.

    While it would be wrong of us to speculate at a time like this, the prospect of the timeless bar closing down would be a huge blow to Cairo’s nightlife scene. As one of the most unique and enduring bars in the city, La Bodega has been a firm favourite with Cairenes for years..

    Stay tuned for more info – in the meantime, cross your fingers…