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  • Save The Date!!

    You would think that naturally things should slow down after EID and climax again in Christmas and New Years. But no this is Cairo, and when it comes to partying Cairiness dont know how to slow down!! So here are the list of events planned with the dates:


    • 24th of November: An invite only event by Event Republic, something along the color GOLD!
    • 26th of November: 1st Year Anniversary of Amici, expect cocktailicious
    • 30th of November: A unnammed venue shall be bringing international act BOOTY LUV, while having the comic “high on body” open for them
    • 2nd of December: Tamarai shall be bringing in international act Marien Baker
    • 9th of December: The Tamarai BLACK Party…. oh do we love our Tamarai black parties
    • 14th of December: Unconfirmed rumored anniversary of a magazine in cairo’s well you know :)  
    • 17th of December: Awesome Magazine, throwing an awesome party with two international djs from london! that would be all about the sexy beats 


    all of the dates above are tentative.. and might be changed on last minute.