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  • Saturn Daze


    Saturday will not be the same ! as “one of the boys” of Electrum Records says

    “we  are not just looking to throw another party, we are trying to find out a new way where people can have fun by bringing aesthetic & escatatic pleasure  to our audience. ”

    Think Greco Roman, Think art, Think surprise drinks, Think Sunglasses, Think Liberation, Think Gala

    Tamarai & Electrum Records join hand in hand again for new concept day that takes place  every Saturday starting after eid

    “Tamarai & Electrum teams have joined forces to give you the hottest series of events of this winter 2012.

    Ever think of why Saturday is boring? Never stopped to think what would improve that dreadful end of the weekend? maybe think about what would replenish it? Nice sun? good weather? some nice scenes and beautiful people?

    Before we give you the answer, let’s tell you a little story… Saturn was the god of Saturdays in Roman mythology. The best festivals used to take place in his honour; and harvest, time, and liberation were his attributes.

    Now we think we’ve got just the right divine potion to cure your Saturdays.

    On Saturn’s Day, in the afternoon, under the gorgeous sunlit rooftop of Tamarai, we will present you with different local artistic talents who will showcase their drawing & paintings, photography, and installations to brush up the end of your week and paint your mood just right for the start of it. 
    We promise to give you one hell of a colourful and inspiring exposition with music, great atmosphere and amazing drinks that will put you in an artistically induced Daze! 

    Ladies and Gents, we give you SaturnDaze! “