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  • Sandbox // Nacelle // Gouna // Festival


    Nacelle is taking over MOODS gouna beach for 8 hours on the 27th of october to provide you with a festival !! SO THIS EID get ready to  get all festive!

    the festival is called the SANDBOX !

    in that festival you will have areas for dancing, swimming, chilling, hell even a smiling area !!

    its an 8 hour festival !! 8 HOURS !  and there is a sunset behind THE GRANDSTAGE !

    entertainment ?

    well Kraak & Smaak, will be main act !! and BY MAIN ACT, WE ARE TALKING FULL LIVE BAND PERFORMANCE !! … Its a festival after all, what do you expect ! they are going blow your  mind!  while the festival will kicked off  with Aly Goede and the live performance of Wetrobots  ♥ Bosaina … and just right before the Kraak & SmaakBaher (fishie’s  prince of music) … will get you in PUMPED UP  !!!

    and to close it all …is fishie’s emperor of music. ALY B !!