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    its Sahel Gossip

    its Sahel Gossip

    Tomorrow they announce the results of the presidential elections but TODAY we announce sahel gossip..

    1) El Villa opening in Bianchi next weekend, thursday 28 as mentioned last week.. it’s a relaxing beach club in the morning and a bumping restaurant cocktail bar at night. It would be operating Wednesday Thru Sunday! so if you are spending long weekends in sahel, you will have all your needs satisfied with different theme nights

    el Villa

    2) Caprice Beach club and restaurant is opening in Marassi also next weekend.. daytime chilling in the mornings . The place would be focusing on Table bookings, so if you are coming you come dine and drink with your friends till midnight, then after that a DJ will take over and  you can shake it. ( Read what the witty boys at CairoScene have to say here http://cairoscene.com/scenario/?p=1667 )

    caprice in marassi

    3) Rumor has it that Andrea this summer as well be opening again, last year wasn’t sahel wasn’t the same without it..

    4) there is a forth venue opening but i dont have much info on, but i am sure some of my friends will be announcing it tomorrow or so :)