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    Oh ‘ts the season of Sahel! June is just around the corner (weekend). That is the month that people start migrating to the beach. The temperatures is on a rise, we are averaging 40 Degrees now! So the real question is what is happening in Sahel, first  off Sahel/Summer this year is split in two seasons, Summer Season 1 is from June 1 – June 8th, and second season is EID onwards

    Well so far nothing has been officially announced, and none of the organisers would answer my messages of confirming or denying the rumours,

    So lets start with first rumor, byGanz are going to be operating the main club in Marassi, with naming it CLUB M!  rumor has it that it will have a mix of nights that caters for different crowd, so you would have nights catering for Teadance crew, nights catering for the Toyboys crew, and then NIGHTS that cater for the older generation 30+.

    Second rumor that has been floating around, is nacelle. Now there is a rumor has it that nacelle might be operating one or two club nights in the Sahel, again unconfirmed rumors, but I just cant help but remember when nacelle goes to the beach what happens! who remembers the “Sandbox”

    Finally the third rumor, Andrea is going to operate this year as a beach bar,  the only question is when? would it be in the Sahel Season 1 or 2?

    For the most part, until Club M opens, and if nacelle announces its night, Sahel Season has started, however it started old school i.e. a lot of house parties, cafes chilling out and most important actually enjoying the beach. 

    on non related club news Boulevard is opening in Sahel in a new platform in Sahel that is literally 1 minute drive from diplo, more like right infront of Diplo in a place called 550, so you know you will get your boulevard fix.