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  • Risas Goes Presidential


    choose your president from risas

    Basically, ONTV , DREAMTV will be airing hosting a program called “Rias Masr” more details on http://raismasr.com/ and facebook.com/RaisMasrTV and this presidential debate will be aired live in Risas on the dates of the debate which are Thursday the 3rd, 10th and 17Th

    so instead of watching the debate alone then calling your friends after every word, now you have a place where you all can gather and watch it together and debate together  and that would be Risas

    follow Risas on facebook .. www.facebook.com/RisasLounge

    [ the first day of the debate has been postponned due to the recent deaths in abassyia, please find announcement from TV Channels below ] 

    ontv / dream tv annoucements