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  • Risas Comedy Night with “Mass Khara”


    Risas has embraced the nature of its true spanish meaning. Which means laughter.  Sunday 20th of Jan will be the first instalment of Risas’s comedy night!

    the first one would be done with “Mass Khara” a group of comedian compromising of  ”Moza” Ramez Youssef, “Eddie” Edouard Albert, Adham Abdel-Salam and Tamer Farag.

    A team that from 9pm – 11pm would re-define sunday as we know it…and make us all escape to this alternate universe where we can just laugh.

    now i personally am a big fan of Moza, and i did hear Eddie live before… i think i might have peed myself in my pants a little bit from the amount of laughing that was happening, and i cant wait to personally hear Adham and Tamer i hear a lot of good things about em !