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  • Rewind: New Weekly Night at Cloudeleven with Amr Hosny


    As one of the newer members of the fleet of bars and clubs in Cairo, Cloudeleven is making up for a lost 2013 with new weekly night, Rewind.

    Starting on Tuesday 12th of November, Rewind is all about the retro; so expect plenty of flashback-inducing 80s and 90s music. As an 80’s baby, that’s what I love about ‘the Godfather’ – he’s not afraid to take it old school.

    It all might seem a bit simple, but those are usually the best nights – the good old fashioned nights we used to have in the 90s.

    More importantly, though, lets not forget the Hosny is no small fish. This is a man who has played at the biggest events in Egypt, has spread his musical seed to Europe and, as an event organiser, has dealt with some pretty big names - Quincy Jones, Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro are just a few, not to mention having played alongside the likes of David Guetta, Dave Seaman, Kay Cee and many more.

    Oh and one more thing; those wearing 80s and 90s accessories and costumes will have entrance priority. Challenge accepted.