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  • Revolutionary Amici


    Event has been postponned

    As you all know amici is turning 2 tomorrow, with a private party with the Awadi Bros.

    now during these troublesome times, we usually have a dilemma, go out or stay stuck to the tv, or go to tahrir.

    and tomorrow i will go out. and go to tahrir. i will do both. . . I Dont like the TV so i will ignore that.

    why in particular AMICI… because i remember in the first revolution AMICI was there for us during the revolution when we needed it. After we come back from tahrir we would go back to Amici re-group there and talk about what happened while having a cold beer or cocktail.

    When FEB11 happened Amici, opened up its doors to everyone and celebrated the first revolution.

    So this Monday (tomorrow ) I am going to have a PRE-VICTORY drink and when we bring down the tyrant Morsi a post victory drink too! and also have a drink for AMICI’s 2nd BDAY