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    Beyond Entertainment, Tamer Banna’s company has decided to postpone the MOULIN ROUGE event, due to Gouna management decision that no mega events (i.e. over 1500 guests)  with tents due to the current political turmoil.

    HOWEVER DONT FRET !!! BANNA IS AT AGAIN  offering you an alternative of supreme exclusivity and highest of standards to all you swanky elites!!

    Before i give you the event description of the organizer below … here what gossip i have been told!!! Think  POLE DANCERS !!! GIRLS IN WINDOW DISPLY,  THINK OF A REAL RED LIGHT DISTRICT,

    p.s. this an exclusive limited event, so i am not allowed to give numbers out … so you have to figure out your own way to get on the guest list

    below is the exert of the event description written by the organizer himself.

    Expect a night where the beautiful meets the sexy, as the notorious RED LIGHT DISTRICT brings its famous windows decorated by its stimulating girls dressed in their eye-popping lingerie to ELGouna’S most popular marina. 

    Scandalous and Mesmerizing are two words to describe this exclusive yet over the top night that becomes of New Year’s Eve.

    The amenities of this sizzling and refined event include a savoring appetizer buffet, Premium open bar to complete your “forbidden” experience while the entire flamboyant scene exhibits a live act brought specially from Spain’s exotic corners, it would take you on an excursion of authenticity as the background music is set with the DJ’s roll of the hippest beats. 

    While you taste the sumptuous cocktails, have your breath taken away by the extraordinary, one of a kind count down where a surprise vocalist takes you through the anticipated seconds accompanied by the voguish fire show as the clock strikes the hour!!

    A one of a kind event with a strict elite guest list, therefore please call again to confirm your reservation as it’s a really tight guest list.