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    Rawy Rizk Reveals Plans for Old La Bodega Venue


    No one was sadder than I when the legendary La Bodega was cruelly snatched away from us in January; the iconic bar was quite something and provided respite from the usual song and dance found around the city.

    While the La Bodega team prepares for a new venture in Sahel, however, Rawy Rizk has swooped in and has big plans for the empty space. In a CG exclusive, Rizk – the man behind Amici -  has addressed the rumours that have had La Bodega fans itching.

    Lets start with the good news.

    The new, yet-to-be-named venue will take advantage of some of La Bodega’s old charms by turning the space into some kind of bistro-bar-brasserie hybrid that will be like nothing else in Cairo. The new concept will see a French chef come in to head things in the kitchen – a nice touch of authenticity that will hopefully showcase a cuisine that’s rarely done properly in this part of the world.

    Now the bad news.

    It’s not scheduled to open till November.

    Stay tuned as I go into full stalker mode on Rawy for more info…