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  • Pumped Up Kicks: Pre-NYE Party at Moods in El Gouna


    Well slap my ass and call me Gouna Gossip, because the Red Sea riviera haven is going to be, in no uncertain terms, pumping this weekend.

    While eyes are gazed very much at Sharam Jey's appearance at NYE party, Bring Back the Night, there's more celebration two nights before on December 29th as restaurant and beach club, Moods, celebrates ten years of keeping people tipsy, tanned and content in El Gouna's Abu Tig Marina.

    Pumped Up Kicks will see local up-and-coming uber-cool indie band, Grey Grass, join forces with DJ Moneim for a unique night of music.

    Rumour has it that Moods is almost at capacity, so call 02-2519-9058 or 0101-6666-360, like, now.