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    Every now and then comes a new event company in Egypt, but a lot of them try to copy the others, they dont have a strategy or something different, they dont try to add, they just recycle the same old stuff! and then comes Popsicle !



    and What did Popsicle do to try to get people like their facebook page, they created a website that would keep you entertained check it out  … http://www.cairoisboring.com/ !

    So what is their First event they are throwing, its called Sandwiches and Jam, and its going to take place in Le Deck , this saturday ! May 19th !

    the question is how are they different… well here is the kicker they are taking an HEALTHY APPROACH to partying .. so since its a saturday .. day it would be a LAID back day, …. here is how they will keep you healthy !

    So what are healthy parties?
    Chilled musical vibe of course.
    Will keep you updated on music and what will happen! :-)

    + A ‘Special INNOVATIVE FOOD Menu’, 
    Designer food, molecular gastronomy and all the french elegance once can think of!
    (We are flying in Chef Dominique from Paris, particularly for this!)

    + Healthy cocktails, that not only gives you the buzz, but also keeps you well hydrated.

    For joining our friend-list please call:
    This would cost us 300 L.E. per person to make this event happen.

    So being naturally interested with this i caught up with the Popsicle team, to understand more about their parties, the concept the vision, the target market, what is their aim on the Egyptian party circuit,  and why the name Popsicle ! This is what they had to say

    Popsicle is something people take at leisure. For refreshment. It is simple. Yet desirable It is colourful!  hence lively!  not snobbish, nor prude it is simple. you can innovate and have varieties of popsicle Simple. Fresh. Fun. These would be guiding principles for Popsicle.

    We are not targeting mass market nor are we targeting a certain age group, we are targeting a mind set.   We are interested in like minded personalities. a 70 year old can have the same mindset as a 20 year old. We are not talking about an experience. One of the dj’s we look up to is in his early twenties, it is attitude we hope to go after positive. innovative. appreciative. kind. hardworking. simple. fun

    The important thing  of any party … is the music … well remember this will be a saturday so the last day of the weekend, so the music will be chilled ! and guess who is playing !  A DJ is one of the TOP10 by Resident Advisor in May and comes all the way from Germany !



    I Give you DJ PAWAS, and will end this article with a track of his from soundcloud