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  • #Play with ME, #Flirt With ME, MY #PlayRules


    So have you heard of the Event Republic comeback event with #Play taking place in the greekclub, with Tito on the decks. Well play is more than just a name of the event its a social thing, social as in online and social as in the real deal where people interact together. There will be a minigolf, a play house, giant Jenga, hop scotch etc…. and there are rules to this “playground”

    Basically, #PLAY is all about being “seamlessly social” in real life, and in the webosphere as they are quickly becoming one and the same! So you can tweet at each other during the event, have conversations, meet new people and even flirt!  There might even a live screen to see all this shit on!

    But thats not it you can start PRE EVENT join in on the fun by tweeting or instagraming what are your #Playrules!

    If your rules are cool and funny Event Republic will print them and have them as part of the set up in the next event and say who the quote is from!

    Personally These are my Playrules

    - Only I can #Play with me, But I love to #play with others

    - My #Playrules must abide with the Barney Stinson #Playbook

    - When #playing, make sure you are protected

    - I love to #play by day

    What is your playrules

    ***********Event Details****************
    Date: Friday 17th May 2013
    Time: 2pm – 10pm
    Location: New Greek Club, Behind Cairo Sheraton, Giza Corniche
    Dress Code: Colorful shorts and summer dresses are encouraged!
    Reservations: Call Sebastien (010 000 88 272) or Waseem (0100 344 92 14)
    Space is extremely limited so please book ahead.