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    Fireworks over Tahrir Square


    Its your duty to celebrate  its your duty to dance like an egyptian, its your duty to get your party on, after all this was no easy victory, this about 8 month fight ever since november!

    so the weekend is upon us where should you go out too?

    - Well we hear whispers of Tijuana is happening Ajami, and if you are in cairo you must get your drink on in Alchemy with their weekly drink night, and party up later in jazz club with a live band, after the jazz club is the cradle of egyptians clubs

    - Friday we dont recommend, but we command thee to go to the Cairo’s top destination and outdoors for a big feast! YES TAMARAI!

    Bex, last night announced on the Tamarai Group that there will be a big party this friday for the love of Egypt, so go wearing your black, red and white! get your phone camera with you because this is a party you would want all over instagram