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  • Palais de Lux: A Different Kind of Party at in Cairo


    At the risk of sounding like a nostalgic alcoholic, things aren’t what they used to be – especially across many of Cairo’s bars and clubs.

    Apparently, it’s not just me who thinks that, though. Someone out there agrees, and will host an event that will hopefully remind Cairo what nightlife is really about.

    Truth be told, I don’t know what it’s about, but I do know that it should involve the words elegant, timeless and cocktails a little more often.

    Well, all that and more is on offer this Thursday night. You see, you know a party is going to be good when its  name uses both French and Latin; because one language clearly isn’t enough to express the sheer suaveness and sophistication that Palais de Lux oozes.

    Held at a secret über-passade location, Palais de Lux will enlist the musical services of DJs Moneim Hafez and Feedo to keep the mood fixed at the peak of refinement. 

    How does one attend this shindig? I guess you have to know someone who knows someone.