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  • Paddy’s School weekend reviewed

    ToyBoys @ Tamarai

    Well this weekend was a bit of a crazy one, it was split between Cairo & Soukhna, and it was party on all night long, but ended on a sad note, that is the passing away of a great man, Pope Shenouda. May his soul rest in peace, as one of my friends said his passing aways was like dumbledore passing away in harry potter , a great man who passed a way in the time where he was most needed as Pope shenouda III was an instrumental in ensuring that tension between muslim and copts are at a minimum especially at the time our country is going through now where other forces are trying to manipulate us into secraterian tension, when there is no tension to start with… but thats a different story and not related to this post, R.I.P Pope Shenouda.

    before the weekend started, i headed out to Risas to enjoy a pre-drink at 5pm, knowing that this weekend will be crazy, as you would see from the below.  I had my two sangria glasses just to get me in the right mood before starting this weekend … and well that it did …

    Now the weekend in Cairo kicked off with School Disco on Thursday, Girls took this as opportunity to wear mini skirts, but i have to admit the mini-skirt that they wore was actually a lot more conservative than what they usually wear on their normal nights out , it was probably two inches longer than usual. Then the boys used this night to show off their flamboyant side, pretending to be little boys back in the day, but then again boys of cairo, you are always extra flamboyant and extra colorful so that probably was again you being conservative.  The night in itself was interesting, there were over 750 people, and they were all having fun, after all event republic provided an abundance of open bar that never out, with a surprise act of SNAP, who sung i have got the power and rythem of the night. Then hosny ushered the crowd into the rest of the night of school memories

    Event Republic presents School Disco

    The following day was St. Paddy day, and to be honest i was in no mood of going out, i was tired of the scene and going  out every weekend, so i headed to a private party in zamalik, and well i guess after a few drinks there as the clock struck 11 (yes i was there since 7pm) i decided maybe to kick up a notch so i headed down to what is a stone throw away .. that is Amici and well there i was mesmerized by the music that is Misty and Hafez, a night organized by 1984 management, and i have to say i havent seen the dynamic duo live in quiet a bit, and OMG THEY WERE AMAZING !!! the music was just incredible i had my tail feather (my booty) shaking instantly !!

    Misty & Hafez @ Amici St. Paddy's

    As being CairoGossip i naturally had to be hooked in the gossip, so i was busy whatsapping my trusted friend Adam from the Mo4 on his night was going in Tamarai St. Patrick day, and well he said and i quote ” Really Nice, Music Upbeat, and Decent people” and well he kept going on and on how he was enjoying his night with the music played by the ToyBoys

    ToyBoys @ Tamarai

    ToyBoys @ Tamarai

    well back to me, and forget adam for a second, so after i finished with Amici and misty and hafez, i headed out to YASSO ! and OMG… ALY B I LOVE YOU… I DECLARE YOU AS MY MUSIC PROPHET !!! He dropped on hit after the other and omg omg omg !! i think what made Yasso great that night, well if you think about the whole scene was in Tamarai and Amici, which left Yasso  and Nacelle with its true followers, so there no invaders to Yasso, it was the people who know what music they play there and they just loved it ! we all loved it ! it was Nacelle back to its origin i have to say !

    Nacelle Presents Aly B & Tito @ Yasso