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  • of Earth & Fire


    So here is the drill, Alchemy is known for its Weekly drinking nights but did you also know they have weekly FOOD nights! yes food nights,

    Last week was Zen of Alchemy and then tomorrow (monday 27/05/13) it is of Earth & Fire, a celebration of JUICY TENDER STEAKS COOKED PERFECTION!

    Already am drawling at the thought of that steak being marinated with aromatic spices and rubbed to ensure that it sucks in all the earthy tones.

    — below is how Alchemist explains the feast he is in store for us

    “Of Earth And Fire is back! Every Monday, join us for a carnivorous feast provided by the Gods, and perfected by our chemists. Tender and juicy steaks, treated with a special aromatic rub, topped with rich sauces and served alongside a fine selection of earthy sides: a feast not only for your stomach, but also for your soul.”