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  • October…

    i have no idea why october traditionally is the month where alot of parties are in, probably because its the end of summer and the new season kicking, or back to school special maybe ? because summer ends in september,  so maybe organizers get back to work in septemeber and  in october debut the actual parties. Just look at the parties have lined up for this month. 


    • Tamarai SWAG Night launch event
    • Tamarai Nostalgia Special (the one with live entertainment)
    • Event Republic’s #FallinTheCity launch event
    • Aguizy and Diwi infamous nile pharoh Halloween Party
    • The new entertaintment comapny “Your Kind of Entertainment” … Brunch 


    Of course thats not counting the past long 6th of october weekend, where there 2 events in soukhna between tamarai and Tabla, and 3 events in Gouna. 

    so peeps to a busy busy busy october social calendar.