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    Bar D'O

    Bar D'O

    There is a new Bar in Zamalek, and it goes by the name Bar D’O, its located in the same place as AMICI, which is the new president hotel, its in the lobby area actually   …  Their facebook page describes them as “Clean lines and square features cut no ice here, Bar D’O is a trend spot for appetizers, drinks, and people who want to let their hair down and talk about the times.”

    Bar D'O


    Bar D’O takes its influences from new york’s old style brick building or so you would get from the picture above of Bar D’O and their teaser picture below,

    now our rumor mill tells us the target market for such a bar is the older crowd, think apertivo kinda style, that the bar is done in a laid back kinda style for people to sit and relax and chit chat

    also our sources tell us that people behind the bar are related to a big Cairene fashion designer

    Bar D'O influences