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  • NEW VENUE ALERT!! Saigon Lounge

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    At CairoGossip we believe in upscale luxury and well we found in Fairmont Nile City the ultimate in luxury lounges, you want sushi they got it, you want chilled they have it, you want class they most definitely have it,  you want to meet random VIPs they also got it,

     i just ran last night into Mr. Hirofumi Yoshida, One of the leading musical conductors of his generation, Hirofumi Yoshida is constantly in demand, regularly conducting the major operas and orchestras. Maestro Yoshida is currently appointed the Music Director of Mantua Opera since January 2010. At the same time, he is designated associate professor at the Toho College of Music and master at the graduate school. and he is here for a show in the opera house #justsaying !

    Now here is a bit of a preview of the place from the eyes of CG


    and then non CairoGossip picture but a picture form fairmont actual Facebook group