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    Every time a new venue opens WE JUMP with excitement!

    Well this new addition is called Alchemy, and it’s owned by the same people as Cairo Jazz Club.

    Its a bar, lounge and restaurant… it is NOT a discotheque and it is NOT a club. This is a proper full on LOUNGE. EAT, DINE AND WINE. Or kick back with a few cocktails.

    Where is this new lounge you might ask?!?! It’s replacing Tabasco Pub in Dokki.

    Starting from tomorrow it will be in soft opening mode, where a password will be given to a select number of people and based on that they can enter. Passwords will be given out every day until Monday or Tuesday. Thursday there will be a private exclusive event taking place there and then finally next Friday, A WEEK FROM TODAY, Alchemy will be open to the public!!!