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  • New to Cairo Nightlife: What to Expect From the Tap



    Nah, I’m just kidding. I’m of course talking about a different kind of tap – THE Tap. Maadi’s newest nightlife haunt is shaping up to be much more than just another bar – or maybe the power of social media PR has got the best of me.

    The brains behind it all are Galal El Kerdani and Tamer Emad – the latter of whom you may recognise from local band, the Brass Knuckles (of occasional Cairo Jazz Club fame). Emad’s musical inclinations are said to be at the heart of the Tap, with live music set to be a pillar of entertainment at the British-influenced bar/grill, alongside other zany features such as pub quiz nights and the kind of alcohol-based activities you’d usually play in the comfort of your home.

    We’re also told that, as a keen carnivores themselves, El Kerdani and Emad aren’t taking the element of food lightly and you can expect to eat like a medieval king.

    This all makes for good reading, but Maadi hasn’t exactly been a fruitful breeding ground for new bars. Earlier this year, we saw the likes of Tipsy Lounge & Bar die a painful, and quite frankly warranted, death and there’s no point even mentioning the bar that replaced it, Syren.

    The Tap is set to open its doors this Thursday with a special invite-only event for pretentious, overhyped media types like me. Tune in for live coverage on the Cairo Gossip Twitter and Instagram, keeping in mind that it will almost certainly become more unintelligible throughout the night.