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  • New Club Opening Alert !


    There is a new club opening in quarter 1 of 2013,

    when exactly ? well thats a secret!

    what is the name? Again thats is a secret, i cant tell!

    who owns it ? Again that is a secret, i cant tell!

    so what can i say.

    1. This new club would be located in zamalek

    2. This club would be so freaking exclusive that already i have been requested from a gossip level not to gossip much about. I might not even be able to post live pictures from there … I am still trying to get permission, but the owners are not budging.

    3. How to get in to the club, well it being an exclusive club, there will be no reservation number, no public mean of getting to it.. basically you would have to know your way around to be able to reserve.

    p.s. if you are one of the few people privy to knowing any part of the secret!! SHH BE QUIET AND KEEP IT YOURSELF ;)