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    So you must have come across the Facebook status’s asking

    “Are you ready to be taken another LEVEL?”

    This buzz is around the opening of LEVEL Club & Lounge which will be opening its doors this Wednesday! Yes, Cairo’s best kept secret is finally unveiling itself this Wednesday.

    What is behind the name you may ask?! The club’s design is staged on two different levels and the people behind LEVEL promise to bring your nightlife experience to a whole new level. Setting a whole new standard on the scene with their highly trained and experienced foreign bartenders, waiting staff and DJ lineup. The door selection will ensure an extremely well monitored guest list which aims to cater to a more mature crowd. The Cairo nightlife will be taken to another level bringing back the sophistication we all miss

    Only 250 people have been invited to the Opening Night so you can imagine how difficult it was to get on the list (It goes without saying that the list for Wednesday has officially been closed and sealed for a while now) Let me elaborate…..the list is so tight that even I couldn’t even get a plus 1 for the event.

    But do not fret, LEVEL will be open for regular operations starting this Thursday. I already hear rumors that Thursday is fully booked. How can you get a reservation you ask?! Well that is something you will have to figure out After all, this is a club that is all about exclusivity, so even getting a reservation is exclusive.

    worth mention that Level is owned by four partners: Sherif Shinnawy, Rawy Rizk, Konrad Wawrzyniak and Mohamed Farouk, do not try calling them though to reserve as their phones have been switched off.