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  • New Club Alert: Club S


    Yes you have heard right there is a new club opening in the heart of zamalek, and it goes by the name of CLUB S. it is located in a villa off marashly street.

    Actually, there is no such club, Club S is nothing but an imaginary club Fishie made up in its head, however if there I would open a club, how would it be like.

    First off will call it Club S, why S you ask, well because S as a letter in the alphabet is the most curvy one. It is the letter that words such as sensual, sultry,  sexual, sensational, smooth, surreal, surrounding, selective, simplicity,  and more starts with this pure letter. The letter S is just inSPIRED.

    But ‘s’crew the letter S, what would the club be like.

    For one, it will for sure not be a luxurious club, the world is tired of pretty rich kids.  It would be a practical club, it would have a massive dance floor with little seating room. Instead of a million lounges it would have multiple bars. Service is the eSSence of club S. In terms of entertainment yes there will be a hot DJ every night however that is just one of the  attractions. Club S would host a variety different acts on weekly basis, attractions that are not traditional. Like what you might ask. Well imagine ballerinas on top of bars, imagine a drum circle popping up in the middle of the dance floor, imagine the circus, imagine all of a sudden while dance a roller-skating dance team emerges, imagine everything that is anything but naked girls dancing.

    Club S is an experience and not a destination. So all your expectations of this experience would be managed from before you enter the club. All of graphics  would be centered around art more than actual text, not any kind of art, but sur-real art, Salvador Dali style. The enterance where you wont have your typical bouncer door entrance instead you would be provided with a key card, to enter the club,  once you are in the first door a fairy, yes a fairy, would verify the card belongs to you.  How do you get the card, well you get invited to it, not by how much money is in your bank account but by how much of a fun person you are.

    The disco ball, is not going to be a discoball it would be a customized giant S. The ceiling would at least be 4 meters talls. At the stroke of 1 am fishie will choose the best dressed crowd and give them a bottle of champagne.  There would be no themed nights on the weekend this is a club! Its all about dancing however there would be different genres of dance. There would be deep, funk, nu-disco and just pure old house.

    Club S is an experience, not a destination.